Monday, August 6, 2007

a week late.....

sorry. it's the heat.

hit the jump for the newest release: Acupuncture- Acupuncture EP 1

Sunday, July 29, 2007

new Acupuncture EP this week. deal with it.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

the aftermath

so, the shows are over and they went well. friday's show was 4 hours of glitchy hip hop, drum and bass awesomeness. it had a nice turnout
, so hopefully we'll be coming back again soon to continue operation: getdown.

saturday was more out there then any other show we've put on. Acupuncture put it down with 2.5 hours of drone and noise that scared old people and freaked out frat boys and their silly, drunk ladies. it went better then could be expected. minimal, distorted beats and throbbing bass and noisy keyboards rule. hands down. the double header shows are a good start and we hope to keep it up.

the next big event is the new JFX316 LP "who is JFX316?" coming out aug 29th. if you saw the show, you know what's coming. we're hoping that it turns out well. we're working on getting the Acupucnture LP "music for deviant acts" recorded and out as well as a multi-part, self titled EP releases over the next few months. recording is a very tricky thing. once you think you're done, you get an idea, and you're in the middle of a new track or three. anyway, we'll try alot harder to get some new music to the people.

no new shows for now. you'll know when we get it together. thanks to all that made it out to the shows. we'll have minimal photographic evidence uploaded soon.


J. from telepathik

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Acupuncture update

we've been slacking on getting any new news about the "Who is JFX316?" record, and with a month and change until it's out, we should be letting you know more. but, we're not. instead, Acupuncture has been rolling along nicely. with about 8 to 9 pieces almost finished in three days, attention must be paid to what's becoming the forgotten little brother of the Telepathik family. plans are now to get something out alittle after, or maybe before, the JFX316 record.

big ups to korg for making the padkontrol USB MIDI controller. without it, the new stuff wouldn't be possible. look for it at the shows that are in two weeks for those keeping score.

new tracks are going to be up before the show. even if it's one. one is a number.

watching E3 online,

Monday, July 2, 2007

random thoughts about music

well, we are into the the label's life and it's going slow. we're aren't really pushing the label because there really isn't anything to push. one release so far. once we get more into the new releases, maybe we'll push it more. we tend to liken it to a cool secret that only you know about. like MC front-a-lot was for a few of us here at Telepathik. anyway, here's the deal.......

- we're working on getting together some of the old JFX316 eps to put up on the site. just cleaning the old songs up to they sound better then the first time you didn't hear them. also, the now fabled remix record that has taken so many forms and titles should so up sometime this fall. no need to rush that out. the Acupuncture LP is coming as well. also, sometime this fall. the new JFX316 LP is coming along. the new stuff is cool. we want to get a few more in the can before we get the track listing straight.

- we're not sure if we're going to do a cd version of the "Who is JFX316?" LP. money is tight 'round here. maybe later.

- looking to get some Telepathik merch. buttons, t shirts and the lot. sometime . don't ask when.

- check the sites for more info. not now. in a day or two.

come out to the shows, it'll be a fun time.

Telepathik mainstay,

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Friday, June 22, 2007

NEW SHOWS!!! July 20th and 21st in yellow springs

Telepathik presents two nights of electronic goodness at the sunrise cafe july 20th and 21st. on friday, the 20th, JFX316 will be preforming for the first time in nearly three years. look for some new material that could be on the the new JFX316 record "Who is JFX316"

it'll be a fun, low key night of music. and, it's FREE. the martini lounge will be in full effect for your getting crunk pleasure.

Acupuncture will play the next night, Saturday the 21st. look for some really cool stuff to come from this. hopefully, we can tape this one so you'll have some new music to listen to. maybe even video. who knows?